Motu Fun

We were honored to celebrate with Naomi and her dad this weekend.  His village brother's daughter graduated from Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE). 

So, we helped them throw a party!

Aaron squeezed the milk from twelve coconuts.  He has a reputation in Marulaon for producing the finest rumit (thick coconut cream).

We peeled the potatoes and layered the pumpkin leaves on top while the coconut cream was boiling.

Then I spooned the hot coconut cream on top.

And we settled in for some Skip-Bo while we waited for the food to cook.

 My stomach was growling as we took off the stones and carried the food up to the house.

Now the potatoes and pumpkin greens had a nice crispy layer on top.  This has to be one of my very favorite foods in the Solomons!

Remember the Russells' crabs we bought?  They were yummy, too.

We had so much fun celebrating with our new friends.  Thanks for inviting us!


quilt'n-mama said…
Do you eat the pumpkin leaves? I need some recipes for next summer... we would have had tons of pumpkins leaves to eat this summer!
Choate Family said…
We DO eat the pumpkin leaves - they are my favorite leafy green here! Of course, anything boiled or covered in coconut cream is delicious :-) I'd be happy to come visit you and help you eat your pumpkin greens next summer.

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