Honiara's Central Market

We love Honiara's Central Market!  Bought a couple of gorgeous fish to motu...

while enjoying December's bounty of watermelon and pineapple.

I always look for people from the Russells in the shellfish section, and I wasn't disappointed today!  This woman is from Malaita, but she married a Lavukalen and moved to Alokon in the Central Russells.

I bought a couple of coconut crabs from her, but I shied away from these fuzzy little critters. 


Jolene said…
I can only bring myself to eat fish if someone else prepares it. Odd, I know! Whenever I cook it my family raves but it just doesn't taste like I want it to. How do you prepare yours? (I'm fishing for recipes now!)
Choate Family said…
We cook our fish with a bunch of hot stones piled on top (preferably on a "cool" rainy day!). It's lots of work, but always yummy :-)
quilt'n-mama said…
The market looks awesome, I hope one day we will get to visit it with you!
The dB family said…
What are the fuzzy ones? I'm always fascinated when you post market photos.


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