Airport Run and Birthday Surprises

I love our little airport here in Honiara.  Visitors can still climb the steps to the top of the airport to greet new arrivals and to wave good-bye to departing passengers.  So we always climb to the top to watch our colleagues arrive as we yell and scream our welcome.

Then we run downstairs and peek through the windows to find our friends in the custom line so we know when they are coming out the door to be greeted with hugs and squeals.  On the way home, I was reminded that our colleague's birthday was coming up in a few weeks, so I asked our new friend, Heather (also in the car) when her birthday was.  She quickly replied, "Today!"  I though she was pulling my leg.

But really and truly, it was her birthday!  So we quickly made plans for her to come over and eat supper with us and added a birthday cake to the meal plan.  My Mama's chocolate cinnamon cake made a great birthday cake.

So glad Heather was willing to share her special day with our crazy family!


Cindy said…
You do such a beautiful job of sharing your life with others! Please tell Heather that I said, "Happy Birthday!"

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