Way too much time has elapsed since I've hosted a giveaway on the blog. 

Yesterday at market, I found this beautiful set of polished shell earrings and a necklace.

Leave a comment by Tuesday, 11:59 p.m. Central Time, to include your name in our very scientific drawing.  I'm so thankful for the blog community that encourages and prays for our family, and this is just a tiny way to say thanks.


quilt'n-mama said…
Your model is beautiful:-)
Gayla Corley said…
Dear Choate Family----I enjoy reading your blog very much and the happenings in your family. Your life is a little more exciting than Gaylette's (my daughter), but still your adventures are similar. May God continue to bless you greatly in your work in translation. Your work sounds exciting as well as adventurous and I would like to see the Solomon Islands. God Bless.

Bartokhound said…
Tossing my name in the hat. It seems like Sarah should keep them, as they look so beautiful on her. Can't wait to see you guys in person in just four months (hint - I can save you shipping!!! Just kidding!)!


Nahna said…
Beautiful....would love this. Happy Labor Day from here.

Will hope to go to Judsonia this week, Mimmie's birthday anniversary and would like to take flowers..
Thinking of you always.

Love you
Melanie said…
I enjoy reading about your adventures!
Joy said…
I still love the earrings I have from my trip to visit the family. So much fun to have wearable memories:-)
Jolene said…
Lovely earrings and necklace! Such beautiful work!
Greetings Aaron and family,
God bless your family real good, today, is my prayer. thank you for such encouragement you are by serving as you serve. I know God is using you and thankful I know you and of your work. Until we see each other next time, please know you are in my prayers. God bless!
Lucas Stephens
Very lovely, both the jewelry and the model!
I enjoy keeping up with y'all through your blog. We pray for you all, though we don't usually write to you. Would love to have the jewelry, but it does look beautiful on Sarah. Blessings, Hannah
Anonymous said…
Yes, I agree with Gayly and Leslie both about your jewelry model. :-) I also enjoy being able to keep up with you all this way, even if I can't use your blog to catch peeks of my parents at work when you're in Honiara anymore. Are you on their newsletter list - have you gotten the latest?
Choate Family said…
Wow! Thanks everybody for jumping in and for your encouraging words :-)

Ruth, I did hear the great news. I think your parents are the best!


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