When we stay in Honiara, we get to do lots of extra things in addition to working with the Lavukal.  I serve on the Children's Education committee, and this afternoon we had a big cleaning party to help tame the dust in the Educational Resource Center (ERC).
Our two amazing house cleaners, Betsy and Rosina, also joined us to wipe off ever single book in the ERC children's room.  And sometimes, it's hard not to take a peek a read and page while you are checking for bugs. 

One of the other great things about living in Honiara is that we get to meet all sorts of really neat people.  Two very smart guys from the IT department at JAARS visited Honiara this week.  We enjoyed spending time with them and hearing their stories.  They laughed (and pulled out hair in frustration) about how slow our internet is.  You hit "send", then go take a shower.  Then you can move on to the next step and hit "send" again before you go brush your teeth and shave, etc. 
We love how God knits hearts together so very quickly and how He uses the Body of Christ to fill in our weaknesses and make life better!


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