Honiara Woman's Daybook

Just for today...Monday, August 18
From the learning rooms...Benjamin hopes to be starting new piano books this week, and he is working on solving equations with x's on both sides this week in Algebra.  He and Sarah will be studying Kingdom Fungi this week in biology and reading Jane Eyre for literature, while Sarah tackles powers an exponents in Algebra 2.  Olivia will be studying Korea this week (for a great picture book, check out "The Firekeeper's Son" by Linda Sue Park), the muscular system, and reviewing fractions.  And Katherine gets to practice measuring things in meters and learn more about trees and how they grow.
One of my favorite things...Biff's B-52 coffee.  Coffee in one hand and Bible in the other, such a nice way to start the day!
A heart of thankfulness...for friends who work so hard to keep in touch.  Ann worked so hard while I was in the village to make sure the blog stayed up and running, and when we are here in Honiara she still sets aside time to stay connected.  And Gayly, my other encourager, uses her abundant energy and resources to pour into our family in other ways.  I love the way God made these two beautiful women who are so totally different.  They are my "Aaron and Hur"!
Outside my window...I can just see Gela on the horizon and we have beautiful blue skies with bright sunshine today.
Pondering these words...Contentment does not come through changed circumstances it comes through a transformation o the heart.  ~Mimi Wilson
From the kitchen...trying new recipes.  We have three sets of families at SITAG who are gluten free, so tonight we are trying red lentil and squash curry soup and later this week we'll make a layered eggplant and polenta casserole.

A few plans for the rest of the week...colleagues from the village should arrive tonight and we get to provide supper for them, Wednesday, I'm hoping to meet with an administrator at the International School to line up testing (PSAT, ACT, & SAT) for Sarah in the very near future, Thursday, I'll be going to buy seedlings to put in a raised bed here in Honiara, Friday, a couple of Wycliffe Associates are coming to Honiara & we're looking forward to spending time with them, Sunday, Aaron leaves for a few days in Marulaon.
A peek into my corner of the world...the fading lilies around the corner of the house. 


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