Super Heroes

 Usually, when the phone rings at 12:30 a.m., you expect the worst.  But we were giddily expecting this phone call.  Our friends, the Gebauers, had been on the ship for more than twelve hours and they were pulling into Honiara's wharf.  We got to be the ones to pick them up! 
So, we quickly woke up the kids and piled into the vehicles.  Driving on the empty streets in the middle of the night was kind of a nice change from the daytime bumper to bumper traffic.

Ships were piled up at the wharf, and the Baruku was fourth in line.  Our friends had to climb through three ships, carrying their bags, hopping over the wide gaps in between each ship, and leaping over the huge sleeping pig and its poop, all while severely sleep deprived. 
Who needs a phone booth to prove your superhero status when you can run this obstacle course in your sleep?!?


Bartokhound said…
I love this post - story and pictures alike. We know you must be ecstatic to have Gebauer time!


quilt'n-mama said…
So glad you guys get to be in Honiara together:)
Hugs to you friends, you are our superheros:)
Anonymous said…
It was a pleasure to recently read on your blog about your friend, 'Gebauer'. Long story short, Rev. Gebauer's parents went to my home congregation (in the suburbs of Chicago), as did his sister. I connected with him and now enjoy receiving their newsletter and am working to get our church involved again. Blessings on your work. [P. Meyer]
So glad you have (and ARE) such good friends :D

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