Monday, January 26, 2015

Next Generation

Just before our last village trip, we received "The Singing Book" in the mail from our former voice teacher.  Sarah and Edi used the book for voice lessons in November, and Sarah and I continue to explore the gems found inside (like the Moustache Song by Stephen Foster!).

Here's how Aaron worded his thoughts on Facebook:  "My wife and I consider ourselves to be exceedingly blessed to have been able to study with a wonderful vocalist, an accomplished teacher, and a beautiful person. It is a thrill to have her pass on her legacy to yet another generation of Choate singers!"

Dr. Linney is the kind of professor that invests in her students lives outside the studio, too.  We're so grateful for the amazing people God has allowed to cross our paths!


Unknown said...

That's awesome! We saw her at convention a few weeks ago. She looks exactly the same - and has the same effervescent personality!

Bartokhound said...

I love this post! Beautiful picture of Sarah, and such a beautiful gift from Lloyd!

Love to all,