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Sarah drew this and hung it on the wall in her room

What we do know
Several weeks ago, Sarah came to Joanna telling her about a strange racing she had experienced with her heart. The episode was sudden and lasted only a short time, then went suddenly back to normal again. There was no connection with the fast heart beat and any activity Sarah was doing. Sarah said this event had happened maybe three times before, starting in May 2014. Joanna immediately went to work investigating possibilities and we began praying for wisdom for the best way to proceed.

We are abundantly thankful for some good friends who are also good doctors that God has placed in our lives. We have been advised that identifying what is happening with Sarah's heart will take some time and likely many tests. We were told to think months, not weeks. So, we are preparing ourselves for an unexpected return to the States to investigate the situation and identify exactly what Sarah will need.

We know is very little at this time. We have been advised to have some tests done in the coming months to identify what is happening with Sarah's heart.

What we don't know

Pending Sarah's condition, which is under close observation by our doctors, we are planning to stay in Solomon Islands long enough to make good on a few commitments we have made in the Spring. There is also much work that needs to be done in the translation project to establish a good communication system so that we can keep the momentum of the translation work moving forward even while we are in the States.

We do not know, at this point, an exact time for our return. It is a decision we will need to make very soon so that tickets can be purchased. Since we do not own a vehicle, we will need something for our time in the States. The indefiniteness of the length of our stay will make arrangements like this more interesting. We look forward to seeing how God will provide! We also are not sure in what part of the States we will settle. The ability to find quality care for Sarah and closeness of family are strong points in our considerations.

Lots of questions about the future: how you can pray
  1. For our growing faith and trust in God- Sarah and Aaron were reading C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle when Sarah told us of her racing heart. One recurring theme in the book is our necessity to take the adventures Aslan gives us head on, no matter what. We want to face this adventure head on.
  2. Wisdom- We want to live in the reality of Isaiah 30:15, 20-21. Or as the song lyrics say, “Where you go, I'll go, when you stay I'll stay, When you move, I'll move, I will follow”
  3. For God to act clearly in His Providence- He has marvelous ways of bringing just the right people, places and thing together at just the right time to make all things wonderful, and all to His glory and praise!
  4. Provision- We are aware that all of the uncertainties for the coming year are certainly going to come at a price. We know He is already at work in these provisions. Pray that we will have eyes to see and hearts of expectation to rejoice in every gift He gives.


Bartokhound said…
Claiming so many heart Scriptures, including: I wll give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you." Ezekiel 36:26a

Trust in The Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5-6

Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. Psalm 26:2

We are praying, we are loving Sarah from afar, and we are trusting God for Sarah's total healing.


Abi's Blog said…
Praying, Praying, Praying...Love all of you.
Kecia said…
I am praying, too.

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