Welcome 2015

I forget that not everybody eats black-eyed peas to celebrate the New Year.  Some of my American colleagues have blank looks on their faces when I mentioned that we would be making a black-eyed pea salad for our family's New Year's celebration.

A morning to sleep in and space enjoy a nice long quiet time with the Lord got the year started right, and a family game of Carcassonne kept the momentum going.  Especially when Mama won the game!

God was so faithful to lead us through the ups and downs of 2014, and we're looking forward to following Him in 2015, whatever the year brings!  Now we're off to enjoy some snacks and games with another SITAG family this afternoon...


quilt'n-mama said…
Happy New Year's friends. We love you guys!
Bartokhound said…
Wish we could have been with you! Had some black-eyed peas ourselves, too!



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