Enjoying every moment...

We are taking advantage of so many things while we are living back in America.  There are so many more options when you want to celebrate something special like an anniversary!  Aaron and I decided that it was an good investment of our time and money (both of which are short) to go out a few days early for our anniversary.

My brother stayed with the kids Thursday night while Aaron and I drove to Murray's Dinner Playhouse, an old favorite back from when we were dating in high school.  They even provided a complimentary piece of anniversary cake and read out our names before the show!  Big thanks to my brother who stayed with our kids while we enjoyed our date.

And when you want to celebrate normal everyday life, America has different options, too.  Olivia has been saving money and doing research on how to care for gerbils.

My animal loving girl is thrilled to now be the owner of a gerbil, whom she has named Chewbacca, or "Chewy" for short.

Living here also provides us the opportunity to spend time with special people.  Friday morning, we loaded up the vehicle in what is becoming our familiar seating arrangement:  Mama driving, Daddy working on the computer (It's all Greek to me.  Really!), and kids in the back seats doing school work.

We got to eat lunch with Aaron's grandparents and aunt (who was down visiting from Indiana) and enjoy several hours of good visiting with them.  One of the benefits of living so far away where we can't do "normal" things like most Americans?  Being extra super incredibly grateful for the "normal" things when we do get to experience them!


Happy Anniversary!

And what an adorable little gerbil :D

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