Friday, July 24, 2015

More gifts

Yesterday was unusual for our family because the six of us spent our day in four different places.

But as I lay in bed last night, I realized some things.  This scattered lifestyle is not normal for us.  We usually maintain margin in our lives (when we aren't traveling internationally) fairly well. 

Each of us is doing well, even with our individual personalities and needs.  And the things we are investing our time in?  Those are so worthwhile.  They are gifts that we can't enjoy while we live in the South Pacific.  We have a totally different set of gifts to open when we live over there.

Our gifts for yesterday included me taking my two littlest girls to the zoo to observe God's amazing creation.

Olivia also attended a special class for students interested in pursuing veterinarian studies.  A vet and a vet tech spent time investing in Olivia and another young lady (only two students registered!).  Right up Olivia's animal-loving alley.
Benjamin continued his musical stretching at strings camp at UCA.  Every day he comes home full of stories of music and friends and fun.

Aaron had the opportunity to fill in at the last minute for a church just south of Little Rock.  Some senior saints were gathering, and both the piano player and the music minister had emergencies that prevented them from fulfilling their responsibilities.  Enter my amazing husband who doesn't get to serve this way as often as he would like.

And Sarah was gallivanting around with her grandmother to celebrate the upcoming sweet sixteenth birthday.  Having grandparents close at hand is certainly a gift!  Today was a day full of more gifts...wonder what good gifts tomorrow will hold?


Herding Grasshoppers said...

It does feel weird to have such a tight-knit family scattered in different directions. But what GOOD things you all got to do :D

Doug Hibbard said...

I may need him to fill in several more times....