Full plates, full hearts...and lots of music

The last few days have been so full and sweet.  Benjamin is absolutely loving the strings camp.  Last night he thanked me for signing him up even though he was reluctant.  Almost made this mama cry.
He has been biking back and forth with his viola strapped to his back.  Monday afternoon, I took the girls to their piano lessons and we got to see Benjamin in between his rehearsal and the viola sectional.  Certainly, the house has been quieter with him away.  We all keenly feel that a little bit of the joy has left the house and love it when he comes home.

While Olivia was in her piano lesson, Katherine curled up next to me to finish her theory.  I'm so thankful for the cameras on phones.  Makes it easy to capture little things that I don't want to forget.

The piano tuner/repairman came to spend several hours at our house yesterday.  Last week, when he came to diagnose and give us an estimate, he informed us that it would be cheaper and easy to just buy a new-to-us piano.  And the piano would look nicer, too.  But how do you put a price tag on a piano that my grandmother received for her birthday - seventy years ago.  This piano has enjoyed four generations of my family tickling its ivories.  In addition, shiny and new never works well in our family.  I'll take the dinged up piano that looks beautiful to me and shows lots of love along with the wear and tear.

While the piano guy was at our house, I figured he didn't want lots of noise, so the girls and I went off to explore the bike trails of our home town.  The clouds gave way to sunshine as we pedaled up and down hills and wove our way around town.  Katherine was a trooper because the trail was much longer than we anticipated, and we had a great time!


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