I Love Zucchini - Giveaway


Nope, the whole box that comes to your door won't be full of zucchini.  But it will have a loaf of zucchini bread.  And some of Sarah's amazing fudge.  And other surprises, too.  If you are interested in celebrating the bounty of summer with us (especially zucchini), please leave a comment by midnight, Saturday, July 11th, to be entered in the drawing. 


Oooohhh, to share this treasure! We continue to pray for y'all and follow your adventures. :) Love and blessings from the Potters!
quilt'n-mama said…
All these veggies look awesome!
I picked a bunch from our garden last night to enjoy in our chicken curry... Zucchini included (it was bought at the store though... we want our neighbors to still like us :) If you lived near I would plant zucchini to share:-)
Brennen Cody said…
I did not know there are so many ways to eat zucchini. Edi just made stuffed zucchini with one of ours!
Anonymous said…
Checking back in on your blog at just the right time, so it seems! :-)
Love, Jason and Kayla
Lisa said…
Been thinking about you guys. Started a little list of things to discuss. My days have been too full to cook so the girls have been furthering their kitchen skills. Happy Saturday!
Samuel Schalchlin said…
Looks yummy
and it would feel so good in my tummy!

I would enjoy and savor it
because zucchini bread is one of my favorites!

May God continue to cause His face to shine upon you. :)


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