Happy 12th Birthday, Olivia!

We took some time aside today to celebrate twelve years of Olivia.  Her siblings found an ugly (black with gold cherubs) old chair, sanded and painted it, and surprised Olivia with it this morning.

Then Olivia got to Skype with my mom who is overseas on a missions' trip.

It's funny how kids' personalities come out when they plan their birthdays.  Olivia is an extrovert (actually an ENFJ), and her whole day reflected her personality.

She chose to go to a park that has been a family favorite for years.  In fact, we held Sarah's first birthday party in the same pavilion!

Several people drove from out of town to celebrate Olivia.  It's so nice to be close enough to party together!

Sarah made a delicious turtle ice cream cake, Olivia found it "finger-licking-good".

And we LOVE being close enough to family to celebrate together.

How many twelve-year-olds have two of the great-grandmothers come to a birthday party?

Our happy day ended with more friends hanging out together for several hours, playing games, riding bikes, and finishing at Larry's Pizza, Olivia's choice for supper.  Sweet ways to celebrate a sweet girl whose personality includes the description,
"Warm, empathetic, responsive, and responsible, highly attuned to the emotions, needs, and motivations of others, finds potential in everyone, wants to help others fulfill their potential."

That's my awesome Olivia!


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