Picking Peaches and Blueberries


Our summer routine is slowly taking shape.  The kids are completing two days of school a week, and the others days are plenty full with all of the good things and people that surround us.

I drove my hard-working kids to Cadron Crest Orchard in Guy, Arkansas, to pick peaches and blackberries.  Wow!  The fruit was absolutely beautiful.

And you can eat while you work.

Soon we had four bags full of peaches, so we moved on to the blackberry bushes.


Many hands make light work, especially when you know that your morning is full of errands after the fruit is picked.

Katherine had a little visitor - a teeny tiny frog - who crawled up inside her jeans and made her squeal.  But he was just as happy to get out as she was.

In just over an hour, the back of our vehicle was full of ripe, sweet-smelling fruit, and we continued with our busy day.

I know all mamas should be partial to their own kiddos, but I really do think mine are the very best.
When we got home, they peeled and chopped, and best of all, they sang together while they worked.

They knew good things were in store.  Like peach upside down cake for an early birthday cake for my mom.

And then they still had enough stamina after supper to make a double batch of peach jam.
I'm so grateful for their choices to work together and have fun at the same time.

The results are beautiful.


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