Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hair cutting ceremony

God's perfect timing shone during Aaron's trip back to the Solomon Islands.  So many events dovetailed into his timetable.  The most exciting event was a hair cutting ceremony that marked the end of a year of grieving after a family member's death.

Our good friend, Chief Hensy, hadn't cut his hair in a year as a part of this thoughtful custom.  He was one of six relatives of the deceased, three men and three women, chosen to grow their hair.  And the ceremony was scheduled during the time Aaron was back in Marulaon Village! 
My hubby rode with several of our friends early one morning to Kiolen Village to celebrate the end of the mourning period.  He found pigs waiting to be killed and cooked up for the feasting.  Pigs are a large part of Solomon Islands' feasting, but we don't see them in our area as often other language groups do.

Abundant food sprawled across the banana leaves and roofing iron to share with the family and friends who came to celebrate.

And I think our friend cleaned up pretty well!

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

That's a big difference in Chief Hensy! And what an interesting example of a custom that may not be familiar to us, but doesn't contradict any Christian principles I know of. Glad Aaron got to be there.