Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Katherine!

Eight years ago yesterday, we were getting ready to welcome a sweet little girl into our family.

We had no idea what a joy Katherine would be.  Her name, Katherine (purity) Abigail (father is rejoicing),

has proven to be true.  Her pure little heart is tender and compassionate and wants everybody to get along and do what is right.

And both her father and mother rejoice at the precious gift God has given us, wrapped up in this eight-year-old.

Aaron practiced cello while we waited for dinner guests to arrive
Katherine's special day was simple and quiet.  We drove to Barnes and Noble to redeem her free birthday cupcake and to enjoy browsing through the books.  And lots of family members called to wish my girl happy birthday.

At least you know she brushed her teeth from the toothpaste she dribbled down her front!

Aaron's niece got to come celebrate with us at the last minute, and the three girls had a blast playing with baby dolls and hanging out together while the boring grownups visited.

I'm blown away all over again at how very blessed my kids are to have great-grandparents who can come celebrate special days together. 
Makes me want to vote "yes" for arranged marriages and having children early so I can have grandchildren while I'm still young and spry.  Just kidding. 
But I do love being the oldest child of the oldest child of the oldest child.

Sarah's gift of a decadent birthday cheesecake made everybody's tummy happy at the end of a sweet birthday celebration.  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of family,

especially this little brown-eyed girl who bears her daddy's dimple.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katherine! A Barnes & Noble trip sounds like my kind of birthday. :-) (and clean teeth for all the birthday pictures is good! :-))

Ann said...

Arranged marriages sound GREAT, especially if I could get dibs for this beauty as a daughter-in-law! ;)