Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday tidbits

We finished off our summer blueberries yesterday.  They were still delicious and reminded me of how much we have enjoyed the last few months.  And now I'm ready to switch gears for Autumn.
And so are my kids!  We are loving the chilly mornings where we can wrap up in a blanket and go sit outside with our coffee or tea.
A few mornings ago, fog shrouded the yard.  Reminded me of the Carl Sandburg poem:  "The fog comes on little cat feet..."  It was a beautiful way to begin the day.  I love how God's creation sings his praises all day and night!

Katherine's science included the popular experiment of changing white carnations into a different color by adding food coloring to the water.
She has been tickled to watch the transformation!

Sunday, our family hosted a sweet bunch for a Grandparent's Day lunch after church.  Not everybody was able to come, but we ended up with my parents, my brother, and three cousins.  I love being close to family again.  My grandmother and three of her sisters dropped by this morning for a pit stop on a road trip.  I was especially grateful that we were in between dentist appointments and music lessons, so I got to hug their necks.  Spoiled rotten, I am.

And I found this gorgeous full-size quilt at my favorite antique store downtown.  I think we are the only couple who still sleeps on a double bed, but we like it that way!  The color and size and pattern of this quilt is perfect in every way, and looking at it in the store just made me happy.  God's blessings continue to pour into our lives through family and weather and flowers and quilts.

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ooo, love your antique quilt find! Reminds me of the blue you painted in Sarah's room and maybe the kitchen? Love the beautiful simplicity of the two colors. And hurray for chilly mornings :D