Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More from Aaron's trip to Lavukalen

Two of the Lavukal translators, Matthew and Ezekiel, and the translation committee chairman, Hiva, met with Aaron for several days on the porch of our village home.

The guys have been writing their drafts of Matthew by hand, and they decided it was finally time to learn some keyboarding skills.  So, part of the time, Aaron was teaching them to navigate the mouse and the keyboard.
They turned in their drafts of Matthew 1-4 and have begun drafting Matthew 5-12.
More of God's perfect timing - Aaron was able to attend a feast day in Leru Village.  He even got to dance again alongside our friend, Leonard.

My hubby also worked hard to finish the termite discouragement program by painting the rest of the house with used motor oil.

On his last day in the village, Aaron made a quick trip to Fly Harbour Primary School where he was pleased to find the rain tanks finally set up on the head teacher's house and the girls' dorm.

And our sweet friend, Gayly, who raised the money for the bookshelf and sent books for the school library?  Her vision is finally coming to fruition.  What you see in the picture is the Fly Harbour Primary School library, featuring books in English, Solomon Islands Pijin, and, most importantly, Lavukaleve, the kids' heart language.

Aaron's trip was full and fruitful.  Because of your prayers and support, he was able to get so many things done, covering a wide variety of areas.  We still firmly believe that the whole family living in Marulaon Village is the very best way to serve the Lavukal, but we're thankful for this quick trip that Aaron was able to make to keep the project rolling and to encourage the translators.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Well done, Aaron :D

Anonymous said...

Yay!! This is an awesome report :) Praise the Lord.

That feast looks yummy.