Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Aaron's trip back to the Solomon Islands

Thank you so much to everyone who prayed and gave to help Aaron's trip back to the Solomon Islands be so successful.  Our dear friends in Florida provided most of the funds for this trip through generous memorials for Mike.  Aaron tackled a huge list of goals while he was away.  He attended many meetings in Honiara and worked on the village e-mail system, and I have no pictures from those exciting activities.

But he documented his trip out to the Russell Islands so our family could see what was going on back home.  Aaron rode our beloved Kosco and God gave him wonderfully calm seas for the trip.
The ship's first stop is the wharf at Yandina, and the second stop is in the ocean in between our village, Marulaon, and Ezekiel's village, Karumulun.
This lovely tree in front of my kitchen blooms every September, and I have yet to see it because I haven't been in the village in September in years.

Evidently our house wasn't as rat proof as we had hoped, but the rats really liked the poison we left.  Aaron had more sent out while he was in Marulaon, to leave for the next batch of hungry rats.

Eta brought Aaron a pineapple from our garden out in the bush.  Yay for fresh fruits and veggies to keep my hubby healthy while he was in Marulaon.  Eta has worked so hard to keep the yard in good shape in our absence, and Aaron said she has done a great job!

One of the first things Aaron did was tour the Russells over several days, trying to raise awareness about the Bible translation in each of the eighteen villages in our language group.  Set in a coconut grove in Tain Village, this lovely little church is one of Aaron's favorite places to visit.


Unknown said...

You know, as much as I love, love, love having you close (and would keep you that way forever if I could), it's fun to see tropical pictures on the blog again. It just seems right and "normal," especially in light of your recent "normal" post. :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

So glad he's safely back with you, after a productive trip :D