Wednesday, November 26

What a day!  Edi had no idea what was in store for her today, but her amazing boyfriend made plans to surprise her in Marulaon with a proposal this morning.  Aaron left in the dark before the kids were up, and he left a cryptic message in magnetic letters on the fridge.  Something about going to get Thanksgiving surprises, which was true because our thoughtful director was sending us a nice big chicken for our Thanksgiving meal.
Edi & Choate kids WED
So, we shortened the school day just a little bit and worked on a nice lunch to welcome Aaron back home.  I had already asked Prisca if Aaron could call her cell phone when they reached Hae Village, and Eta was working in our yard on purpose so she could tell me when Prisca came up with the message.  Both of these young ladies were in on the secret!
Katherine & Edi & starfish WED
I told the kids that I wanted to get some pictures with them and Edi playing with the starfish on the only little strip of white sand beach on our island.  When lunch was ready to pop into the oven, Edi, the kids, and I sauntered over to the beach and began to take some pictures.
Edi & Sarah WED
After I took a few pictures, the kids noticed that a motorboat was headed our direction.  I had been listening to the engine for several minutes, anticipating the timing of Aaron's return because of his phone call.
Brennen in boat WED
Sure enough, here came our favorite driver, Belza, with Aaron and Brennen.  Their arrival  reminded me of a knight in shining armor on his trusty steed!  Edi and the kids were SO surprised.  Aaron hustled the three younger children into the boat to drive closer to our house to unload, Sarah and I retreated into the bushes with cameras, Edi said, "What are you DOING here?!?", and Brennen began his earnest proposal to the lovely Edi.
Brennen on his knee WED
She said yes.  I snapped photos while Sarah took a brief video, then we walked on home leaving the newly engaged couple chatting on the beach (in full view of our community).
Edi & Brennen WED
We love this couple and are excited to share a few days with them in our home before they both return to America next week.  God has some exciting things planned for them in the future, but He is already using them now to bless our family.


Aubrey Presley said…
I am so happy for my beautiful cousin, Edi! Thank you for helping Brennan surprise her! And most definitely, thank you for the amazing pictures!
Jane in TX said…
WHAT A POST!!! Such wonderful news about such a wonderful couple. And I can hardly believe how your children have grown. Sarah is taller than Edi! Thanks for sharing the joy with us.
Oh! This is so exciting! I love how you got some of your village friends involved so everything would be "above board" in their eyes. So much fun! That's the best proposal story I think I've ever heard :D

Congrats to Edi and Brennen!


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