Friday, April 15

Today was one of those “work days” that didn't look anything like a work day for Aaron. Around 7:30, the bell rang lots of times, so Aaron walked over to Hensy's house to find out why. He discovered it was a community work day. So, Aaron, Sarah, and Benjamin went outside to work while the rest of us finished up the work inside the house. Benjamin came in at 8:30 to start school, and Sarah worked until 9:00, but Aaron worked for most of the morning alongside our neighbors.
When Aaron came in, he discovered that the electrical connection Henk had worked so hard to fix had shorted out again. Benjamin shinnied up the pole to investigate the wires on the solar panel.  Eventually, Aaron rotated the solar panels while one of the girls stood in the pantry looking at the voltage regulator and hollering out the number of volts coming in. When we found a good spot where the wires were connecting and sending good electricity to the house, then Aaron tied the panels in place, and that's where they will stay instead of tracking the sun all day long. I'm so thankful for how hard Aaron works to take good care of our family.
I had a good visit with my sweet friend Sylvester this afternoon. She peeled cooking bananas while we visited and wouldn't let me help prepare the soup she was making for her daughter-in-law who just had a baby. Boy #7 for our village! Group 2 (our group) has already divided the material and given about a yard to every family. Sylvester's girls want her to make a pillow for each one of them to take to school, since Fly Harbour Primary School is a boarding school. The girls, Gloria and Susie, want something to help them think of their friend, Katherine. I think that's a great idea!
Our colleagues have worked so hard the last couple of days to help us have a connection with the outside world. One of them came up to the SITAG radio every hour on the hour yesterday to yell through the static and try to help us connect with the radio e-mail. Several of the others came up at scheduled times today to try and help, and I know the radio is being reset often in an attempt to make things work properly. I don't know what we would do without the support system our SITAG family provides.


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