Saturday, April 23

From Aaron: 

On Saturday members of the Lavukal Bible Translation Committee met in Marulaon village. This was the first meeting in about a year. One sobering aspect of our work in the project is that much of the work stops when we are gone. This, we hope, is a reality that will change in time. Our goal is to train the Lavukal people to develop the capacity to take on the various responsibilities for all aspects of the Translation work. 

The primary purpose for this meeting was to put into effect term limits which the committee had discussed at earlier meetings.  Aaron was nervous about this part of the meeting, but the move was welcomed by all. The group showed overall attitudes that gave Aaron hope that the next committee would serve with renewed effort to working hard for the next term. Some communities have already selected their new committee members for the next 3 year term. Please pray for the next committee as they seek to hit the ground running with fundraising and some major decisions at their first meeting on 8 May 2016.


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