Thank you, Henk and Margreet

Henk and Aaron experienced an adventurous and productive weekend in Marulaon.  I'm especially excited that Henk was able to get the electric connection fixed between the solar panel and the house.

Tuesday morning, we hustled through school so we could finish the last few rounds of the Quiddler game that we had been working on since our arrival in Honiara.  Henk absolutely spanked all of us.

We have loved having this incredible couple living at the other end of the hall.  Sharing the oven and sharing life with them has been a delight. 
But now it was time to say goodbye.

We will miss them, not for all the things they did to help SITAG (which were numerous!), but because of the delightful way God made them.


So thankful for Henk and Margreet, and I've never even met them! (But hey! We're sort of neighbors ;D)
Cindy said…
What a sweet friendship! I thank God for Henk and Margreet and their ministry to SITAG.

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