Thursday, April 14

“Remember also that you are clay. That doesn't surprise God! When he chose you before the beginning of time to be His daughter, when he later called you to this Great Commission adventure, He knew you were clay! He is the potter; He molded you and formed you. And in the breaking, chipping, and cracking that will surely happen, if it hasn't already, His glory is revealed.”
~Robynn Bliss and Sue Eenigenburg,

Since we arrived back in the village, our colleagues in Honiara haven't been able to hear us on the radio. We can't get a cell phone signal to send a text to Honiara. And the radio e-mail isn't working, either. I feel isolated. I miss my friends and family. And I know that this is all part of transition back to our lives here. It's a part of my life that I can never explain enough for others to understand, unless they have been here to experience the life we live. Oh, the hours that get eaten away from Aaron's translation work as he sits and tries to communicate over the radio, tries to get the e-mail to connect with the outside world. Radio sched with SITAG at 4:30 is usually our delight, this week it has been a disaster. The “clay” in me is showing dreadfully this week. I'm thankful that God isn't surprised, and I'm praying that He is somehow glorified through the weaning off of technology and the lack of connection that I'm experiencing.


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