Tuesday, April 12

I've been washing curtains this week. With the louvers closed for the last year during our absence, I expected that the inside of the house would be a little dusty, but WOW! Even the rinse water was disgusting. I washed only half of the dining room curtains today, and when I hung the clean curtains on the curtain rod next to the dirty curtains I plan to wash tomorrow, I was surprised by the amount of soot and dust that makes its way into our house.
I took the first trial copy of “Aitum Ovovo” down to Margaret Rasol's house this afternoon. Please pray for wisdom as to the best way to utilize this book in an appropriate cultural way. I love how it combines the wisdom found in God's Word with the practical education about how God made our bodies. Several ladies commented on how nice the book looked, but that doesn't mean that the information contained inside will ever be used. I also asked several of the ladies around Margaret's house the best way to distribute the material and notions that I brought back from America. They all thought that dividing the gifts into three sections and giving them to each of the three group chairmen was the way idea. So that's how I spent the rest of the afternoon, sharing gifts, walking around the village, and reacquainting myself with families.



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