Friday, April 8, 2016

Team Choate

Maybe we've been studying too much Shakespeare lately, because Sarah wrote a poem on the chalkboard that perfectly expressed our current state.  Team Choate has the greatest attitudes and work ethic!

Moving and transition is hard.  Cross-cultural moving and transition (especially when you really can't predict what is going to happen!) is even harder.

I am so grateful for these kids of mine.  They are embracing the process better than I am.

And that teamwork makes life better for all of us.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Prayers and smiles :D

Cindy said... whom art thou referring when thou sayest, "Lurkers"? And What meaneth the words, "freak out"? Art thou calling my worthy self a freak? Verily, I do love thee much, child of my child. And forgetteth not that the worthy Kosko has been baptized into mine own family by mine own vomitus during the inner passage from yon village to the fortress SITAG in the land known as Honiara. Now, may angels watch over thee and thine and deliver all safely once more into the bosom of thy friends in the village, Marulaon. May the God of all creation bless thee and thine as thou servest Him in truth and deed. With my heart's love, Lurking Nanny