Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday, August 5

Yesterday afternoon when school was finished, I walked around most of the village. Not many people were home, but it was really nice to chat with the few that were around. I found Ruthie and Leku sitting on their steps, and enjoyed a good visit for more than an hour. When I looked at watch at discovered that it was time for radio sched with SITAG, Leku grabbed me and said she had a watermelon for our family. We enjoyed it with lunch today. It was beautiful, sweet, and yellow inside!
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Nako and her baby boy, Samuel, came home from Yandina's clinic yesterday, so I made extra lunch of curried pumpkin and lentils over rice to share with her.
Margaret came and weeded our ground for several hours this morning. No matter how hard I try, I can't make our yard look right in the eyes of our neighbors. So I pay friends to help me! Every single time we leave the village, my language skills go backwards. I was thrilled that I caught what Margaret said in two different extended conversations this morning. Once, when I took down some pumpkin seeds, she told me to take the dish back up into the house so the village kids wouldn't ruin the seeds. And another time she asked me what I planned to plant in an area I was clearing. Even though I can't spit out very much Lavukaleve, I'm encouraged when I can hear and understand it.

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Coleen said...

Even after 22 years it is a bit of a re-adaptation to language when we return, but doesn't take long. You won't either. God will bless if you keep asking him.