Tuesday, August 2

God is answering prayers for rain! Our neighbors told us that when we came back, God would give rain to Marulaon. Today we've gotten a nice, soft garden rain all day long. The ground couldn't handle a “gully washer” anyway, because the dirt is so dry and cracked. Please keep praying for a good balance of rain and sun.

I found out yesterday that my sweet friend, Ofoaen, has a new grandbaby. Her daughter Nako delivered a little boy early yesterday morning. In the last year and half, a bunch of baby boys have been born here, but only one little girl. They are at the clinic in another village because our clinic is closed.

This afternoon, two little boys were hanging around our house. During a break in the rain, I went down to chase down our rake which we had loaned out. The boys finally approached me with three small coconut crab for sale. I bought the two biggest ones with Nako in mind, and Aaron hung them up on the porch with the rope that safely held their claws. After evening prayer, I asked Nancy what to do to keep the crabs alive overnight. Nako's dad plans to visit the clinic tomorrow morning, and I want to send the crabs to her. Nancy said to put the crabs in a bag and tie them tightly. So we did. And we put them in a bucket with a lid. On the porch. We've had way too many escapee crabs!


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