Monday, August 22

Sarah and Benjamin know they have only a few months left in the Solomon Islands. They are very intentional about how they spend their time, especially here in Marulaon.
Over the weekend, our friends Leku and Ruthie took my high school students to explore a nearby island which was occupied during WWII. The aunties were full of stories from the war, when Marulaon was occupied by the Japanese.
IMG_3577 - Copy (480x320)
The adventurers crawled over a barge from the war that had run aground and tromped through the dense undergrowth to find the remains of old buildings, too.
IMG_3550 - Copy (480x320)
For lunch, they fished and dove for shellfish. Cooking was easy, you just “burn” (throw them on the fire) the critters. My kids came back a little sun-kissed, wind blown, and very happy just as the sun was setting.


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