Friday, August 12, 2016

Tuesday, August 9

All of the school kids came back this morning. Seems that some people from another village have a dispute about a boundary line where the new boys dorm is being built, and last night was the perfect time to come destroy the beginnings of the new building. So the headmaster sent all of the kids home. My own school kids love having other kids of the same age in the village during the week! While I was out walking around this afternoon, I found several girls shelling nuts and hanging out in the hammock.
IMG_4327 -sisters shelling nuts

After lunch today, Aaron walked two miles to Baison, the village on the other end of our island. With no internet or cell phone reception, the best way to communicate information here is face to face. Aaron wanted to talk with our translation committee secretary and also needed to pass a written message to one of our translators in a different village because the translation team is getting together later this week to work on reviewing Ruth and Jonah. The school is in between Marulaon and Baisen, so Aaron was also able to stop and chat with the headmaster, who is from Marulaon. Aaron must have walked really fast, because he completed his business and the four miles in time to be home for supper.

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