Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday, August 27

Aaron surprised us yesterday by coming home for a few minutes. What a sweet shock to be helping Katherine with piano one minute and looking up into the face of my husband the next minute!
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One of the translators, Matthew, had a sore that isn't healing well, so he and Aaron paddled back to Marulaon in our new canoe. Aaron doctored the sore and grabbed some extra bandaids while I made a big batch of popcorn to send back to the translation team. Aaron said they finished reviewing Ruth last night and began with the review of Jonah this morning.
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I love hearing my husband get excited about the Bible and the original languages and the whole translation process. While Aaron waited for the 2nd pot of popcorn to finish, he shared a little about the end of Ruth, how meaningful it is to him, and how he hopes that the translators will begin to see the big picture of how the books of the Bible work together.

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