Thursday, January 20, 2011

Will Power

From "Frog and Toad Together": "Now we have no more cookies to eat," said Toad sadly. "Not even one."
"Yes", said Frog, "but we have lots and lots of will power."
"You may keep it all, Frog," said Toad. "I am going home now to bake a cake."
I was reading "Frog and Toad Together" yesterday with Olivia and laughed out loud when Frog and Toad were trying to muster the will power to not eat the entire box of cookies. Then, this morning, I read my friend's hopeful words about will power:
"It's not that I don't want to change things about myself. I wish I were thinner, more organized, neater, more patient, etc. But wishing and doing are two different things altogether. I want to turn over a new leaf, honestly I do, but my problem is that I still have the same old roots. I don't need a new leaf; I need a new tree....No matter what grand ambitions we start the year with somewhere along the line our want-to rebels and and our will power stages a mutiny....As powerful as the old nature in you is, you have been given a new tree and with it new leaves. Because Christ came and gave His own life in your place, you can have a new heart. This new heart doesn't have to rely on your own will power, you have the power of Christ." - Valarie Fish, "Get Real"


The dB family said...

Whoa! This is good! Really good! Thank you for sharing it.


Nahna said...

I love this...thanks for sharing.
My verification word is under appropriate with all that is going on here and with others dear to me.

I love you all so