Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday, April 13

This morning Eta, Benjamin and I went out to my garden.  I thought we would just take a bag full of ubikola (cassava), but when we got there we found that the umalau (sweet potato) vines were beginning to drop all of their leaves.  So, Benjamin tackled the ubikola while Eta and I began pulling out the umalau vines and searching for any hidden potatoes that might remain underground.  We worked for a couple of hours before the skies began to sprinkle rain on us.  Benjamin went on ahead to get a bandaid, and Eta and I came behind.  We found a big snake just off the path.  Eta said it was a boy snake because it moved quickly and that girl snakes were slow.  We got home in time for the heavens to open up and dump loads of water.  Thanks for the prayers!  It rained all afternoon and into the evening.  The rain provided not only water to fill up all three of our rain tanks but also refreshing coolness.  I took a huge bag full of ubikola and umalau to say thank you to Sarah, Leku's 
mom, for the urio she brought on Sunday.  When I came out of the rain and under her roof, she grinned and asked me if I had asked for this rain.  I told her yes and that I had asked people in America to ask God for this rain, too!  Our family certainly enjoyed the rainy afternoon.  We made peppermint hot chocolate, read books, and played a couple of rounds of Phase 10.  We hardly ever have time to rest and just quietly stay in the house, and we were so thankful that God gave us this time to be together as a family and refill.

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What kind of snakes do you have?

Thankful for the rain :D