Sunday, August 4, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane...

We met up with friends in Oklahoma City this weekend to return the vehicle we had borrowed from them during furlough.  Both the vehicle and the friends have been a huge blessing this last year.

Our friends girls were participating in a gymnastics camp, so they went back and forth between helping us load boxes and picking up last minute things and taking care of their girls.  They also purchased a "hot-off-the-press" box of Twinkies, made in Emporia, Kansas, to share with the kids.  My kids didn't know what Twinkies were.
Now they do.

 Thank you isn't enough to describe the ways this family ministers to our needs:  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

They even took us to the airport and watched God work on our behalf!

We had twelve checked bags, all weighing in just under fifty pounds.
The woman at the American Airlines counter was so kind.  She weighed the first bag, saw that it weighed 46 pounds, asked how many bags we were checking, and tagged them through HONIARA!!!

No dragging bags through the airport in Los Angeles, no exorbitant luggage fees, just a smile and a joke and a "have a great trip"!

 We had to get a photo now to compare hairlines now and when we return in a few years.  I think Aaron is winning.

Our flight from Oklahoma City went smoothly, and now we're in the airport in Los Angeles waiting for our flight across the Pacific Ocean.  We are so thankful for all of the people that are praying for us!  We're to the really tired stage and will be boarding our next flight soon.  After we land in Fiji, we will quickly catch the next flight which pauses in Vanuatu before landing in the Solomon Islands late on Tuesday morning.  


Bartokhound said...

I love this! There is nothing in the United States that I've found that quite compares to the kindness of people from Oklahoma. It just doesn't get much better than that. Thank you, Lord, and thank you to this lady who showed grace and love and mercy.
I laughed as I read your itinerary, as sweet Sarah shared with me last night that, should you have any travel difficulties, she somewhat hopes it will be in Fiji and that your family will be shuttled to a large resort of some sort for some much needed R and R. Those weren't exactly her words, but it was something like that. And I thought it was precious! Here's praying that the airplane seats you will soon assume will feel (somewhat) like a resort in Fiji. :-)

Lots of love,


Bartokhound said...

What are the chances of your sharing a glimpse into what went into the luggage? I would learn so much about you guys and about this whole process in the knowing. What percentage is books? Clothes? Other necessities? Items of the heart? I somehow picture a few clothes, lots of books, most certainly a computer, CDs (or music in some other form), pictures, and stationery for Sarah. :-) Am I close?


us5 said...

i haven't been by for awhile, Joanna, and now i see you are probably 'home' by now!! i LOVE how God worked the baggage out for you - i know well how much work it can be to haul those bags!! praying now for you in all the re-adjustments. may God's grace guard all of your hearts and minds... ♥