Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yesterday, the Old Testament/New Testament Survey workshop finished up.  Ezekiel and Simon sat on the middle row at the end nearest the door.  We're so proud of all the translators who came to learn more. 
In just a little bit, Aaron will take several of the translators, including our Lavukal guys, down to the wharf to catch the Kosco back to the Russell Islands.  The ship has a new schedule:  every two weeks it leaves Honiara on Saturday night and heads to Yandina in the East Russells, then it waits for several hours before it leaves for Marulaon in the West Russells so it can arrive after daylight.  This has turned our seven hour daylight trip into a twelve to fourteen hour night trip.  But we still have a regular shipping schedule, which is unusual for the Solomon Islands, and I'm so grateful for a ship that drops us right at our village!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yucky! Double the hours. Relieved it's at night (would assume that's easier on everyone). Is Aaron going with the translators for a little while, by himself out to the village? I know that was the tentative plan at one point. --Liss