Thursday, October 4, 2018

Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Aaron's birthday was earlier this week, and thanks to the generosity of family and friends, we're were able to get away for a night at Mt. Nebo State Park.  Monday morning, Aaron had an international video call at 4 a.m. to prepare for his upcoming meetings in Bangkok, so by early afternoon he had already put in a full day's work.  

We skipped town like a couple of jailbirds and drove up the mountain, thirsty for the peace and quiet that our favorite state park provides every time.  Many years ago, my mom gave us "Songs in the Key of Solomon" by John and Anita Renfroe, but in our overseas context, we just couldn't make the suggested dates and activities happen.  We decided to try again in America, and this book has been a fun discussion starter for us old married people.

Tuesday morning, we traipsed the trails and were delighted to find that the recent rains had reinvigorated the waterfall a little bit.  We feel like our souls were reinvigorated, too.

We finished up our short and sweet celebration with lunch and some "chocolate thunder from down under" at one of our favorite restaurants.  Then we came home, started laundry, enjoyed the no-bake cookies (Aaron's traditional birthday cake request) the girls left on the counter before they went to piano lessons, and picked up groceries.

This guy of mine will soon be returning to the other side of the globe again for some meetings, but for a little while, I got to undistractedly revel in the fact that I share my life with this incredible creation that is like nobody else.

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