Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Marulaon Woman’s Daybook

Just for today...Monday, December 2

On my bookshelf… The Book Thief   I finished it, sobbing, yesterday afternoon. I usually don’t go for historical fiction, but this one is a keeper.

Pondering these words… “Most often, pride grows out of an incomplete focus on the wonder and majesty of God, and from taking for granted his grace and blessings.” ~Nancy Beach

Around the house...we decorated for Christmas this weekend. We only have a few things that have survived our many moves. I’m so grateful for the little Christmas tree we inherited when we moved into the village house.

From the kitchen...today is a day of leftovers. To use our propane gas tanks wisely, we always make sure the oven is full when we use it. Yesterday, I made gingerbread baked oatmeal while the pizza cooked. So today, we have oatmeal for breakfast, true odds and ends of leftovers for lunch, and cold pizza for supper. Our gas tank is extremely low. SITAG colleagues put a refill on a boat Saturday night. The boat hasn’t arrived yet, so I’m extra grateful for a day of not needing to use the stove or the oven except for heating water for coffee.

From the school rooms...after piecing together a few days of school last week (including some school on Saturday to make up for lost time) this week looks blessedly more normal. Olivia is learning about derivatives in pre-calculus, finishing up the 1960s in history, and delighting in acid/base chemistry. Katherine is learning about geometric measurement, discovering Alfred the Great in history, and reviewing the food chain in science.

Outside my window...Aaron learned how to repair our dugout canoe this morning. Using the very non-traditional materials of a mosquito net, pure petrol, and styrofoam, he and Hiva began the process of fixing the four holes in our canoe. Soon, Aaron will be able to paddle over to see Ezekiel again.

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