Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thursday, November 28

Like grooves on a record, God’s good gifts are designed to draw us closer and closer to the center, to draw us closer and closer to eternity and Him” ~Hannah Anderson, “All That’s Good”

Our “Thankful Turkey” has been growing feathers of thankfulness for the last few weeks. I don’t remember when or where we picked up this tradition, but it’s one of my favorite things all year. The things for which we are thankful reflect our personalities and continually turn our thoughts and our hearts toward the Giver of all those good things.

Thanksgiving comes in the middle of a very busy season for our family. We kept the day simple: our traditional homemade mac and cheese, green beans, and my mom’s recipe for pumpkin pie. I’ve been saving a small container of UHT (ultra high temperature – which means shelf stable) cream so I could whip it to go on top of the pie. We played Settlers of Catan because we didn’t get to play it last Sunday, and Olivia snuck in for the win at the last moment.

We’re definitely missing our two college kids, but I know they had multiple offers of places to spend their Thanksgiving break. So many friends and family members love our young adults and are willing to open their homes and lives. I’m so grateful.

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