Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Last night, we were so tired that we didn’t pull the kids’ shoes out, but tonight we’ll read "A Gift From St. Nicholas" by Christine Bolley and sneak some small gifts into their shoes after they go to bed. It will still be December 6th somewhere in the world when they wake up!

I can’t wait to tell you about our new home - what a sweet word! Our trip went smoothly, thanks to the many prayers that were offered on our behalf. I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are for your prayer support! Thursday, we arrived at the Madang airport to find that we had one overweight box, but they count the total of all six, so we were okay! Everyone traveled well, and we enjoyed a good rest in Port Moresby. Friday morning, we were driven to the airport and ran into an old friend from Alotau on the van! We had gotten to know her when we visited in August, and it was a nice gift to see her again before we left PNG. When we arrived at the airport, I was really hobbling, and we were so thankful to see the directors from POC who were waiting for their flight to leave. They cheered us up, ate lunch with us, and phoned the Solomons to let them know about my leg. While Aaron was checking in, he came over with a grave face and said that we didn’t have enough paperwork for the kids to enter the Solomon Islands. So we sat down as a family and prayed, and Aaron went back to the check in desk. Within minutes, the kids were cleared to come into the country on our paperwork.

So, off we flew over the Pacific Ocean. When we landed in Honiara, we could see about twenty people waving signs and cheering. I limped off the plane and burst into tears! We are finally home, and everyone here already feels like family. Our flat has a lovely view of "ironbottom sound" (lots of sunken ships from WWII), and I anticipate a beautiful sunset tonight.


Ann said...

What happened to your leg, my friend? We've been praying for perfect travels - the girls will be excited to hear how God answered prayer in the midst of the trip. We have all eaten up your blog posts and loved praying over you while you were in the village. Love and miss you all greatly!

Christy said...

I'm so glad that you and your family have made the transition (fairly) smoothly! I don't remember how I came across your blog a few days ago, but I am thrilled that I did. It has been fantastic to "catch up" with your family. I look forward to reading regularly!

Steve, Joanna, Elizabeth, Noah, and Emma said...

We were moved to tears and prayers for you all as we heard all that is going on with you. It is evident that God is holding you tightly....what a blessing.
Love and hugs and continued prayers,