Wednesday, December 17, 2008

While we wait for our shipment to come in (it's supposed to be here December 26th!), we've been reading and cooking and crafting to learn about Westward expansion and immigration. Next door to our house is a wonderful library of sorts - full of books and everything from magnetic letters to microscopes. God is so good to give us our hearts' desire! So, we've checked out lots of fun stuff to help us learn. We've been making a rag rug (aka hot pad) from a scrap of material leftover from one of my skirts.

First, we ripped the material into nine long pieces, then we took turns braiding it and sewing on additional pieces as necessary (practicing our running stitch).

Finally, we sewed the braid around and around (practicing our blanket stitch).

Obviously, our creation isn't big enough to be a rag rug, so we used it underneath our blessing soup tonight.


Anonymous said...

You bless my heart by the way you share life with us on this side of the world. "Blessing soup" indeed...what a reminder that God's bounty of food is truly a blessing to each of us. I love the "rag rug trivet".
Hugs and prayers.

quilt'n-mama said...

I love your little rug! Your so creative and what a fun way to learn! Praying all your shipment boxes arrive on time:)
Hugs to each of you!
The Conard Crew

Chelley said...

This is Megan---just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope your leg feels better and I miss Sarah, Benjamin, Olivia & Katherine!!!

Shaundra said...

I love your rag rug! I would love to try this with the kids! Looks like they did a great job. Thanks for letting us be a part of all your happenings. Its such a blessing to be able to see pictures of you from so far away. I pray for you everytime I look at my ladybug plate. Love to you all. ~Shaundra