Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I just realized that I hadn't yet named the infection in my leg (no, not Eliza or Mary) - it's cellulitis. This website should help answer any questions you may have. My leg closely follows the pattern described on this site.

We've enjoyed a lovely afternoon. Aaron is at a staff meeting right now, but earlier he read a portion of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" while we ate snickerdoodles (made by Olivia and Sarah - I'm still off my feet) and drank an assortment of delicious Christmas teas. Now the big kids are outside playing, and Katherine and I are inside playing. Spaghetti, eggplant, salad, and pineapple are on the menu for tonight. So, there's a taste of our afternoon!


Anonymous said...

This picture is like looking back in time. Oh my goodness, how she looks like her Daddy. Thank you for keeping us updated on the blog (and with email). Having communication again is such a gift. I am filled with gratitude for the technology that allows us to be "in touch". Please take care of yourself, Joanna, and we are praying for all of you.
William has asked the choir, both sanctuary and New Life (youth) to make prayer for you and the family a matter of their family prayer time. I was touched to the bottom of my heart when he did that with NLC, then again last night with the adults. Especially to ask them to use your situation as a "connecting time" for their families.
God is awesome.
PS Hug the kids.

Samuel Todd said...

Aaron and Joanna and family, warmest greetings from Wichita, Kansas. I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog site. Thanks for being such excellent communicators and for your great photos. You are now a "blood sister", Joanna as I too had falciparum malaria. I am glad you are recovering as is your leg. We do pray for you and your precious children and wish you a rich time of celebration this Christmas as we all celebrate the Immanuel. For us, Christmas was more meaningful and rich as a family without all the distractions and busyness. We pray this for you, too. Hope your leg heals quickly and you feel your strength renewed. Blessings from the Todd Stephens family.
In Him, Todd