Saturday, December 6, 2008

Joanna Wins!

We wondered who would be the first to have malaria, and the winner is ME! Monday night, I started running a temperature and feeling achy, then Tuesday morning my temperature shot up and I began having chills as well. The nurse at POC came by to check on me and diagnosed me with malaria. I took my meds 15 minutes before we left the campus - God’s timing is so good!

(I’m sure many of you are asking, "But, don’t you take a malaria prophylaxis?" Yes, we all do! But I had been fighting a nasty cold for a week when the malaria reared its ugly head. The nurse here said that when your body gets worn down, the malaria is more likely to break through.)

But wait there’s more...
Wednesday morning I woke up with a small red spot above my left ankle. When we got back from breakfast, I looked at my ankle to find that blisters had broken out in a line - it looked like I had burned myself! By Wednesday night, I felt like I was in a bad science fiction movie. My leg was swollen and the blisters were spreading, so we called the nurse from POC again and she came down for a "house call". She immediately started me on some strong antibiotics and told me to stay off my feet (which wasn’t hard to do!). Again, I am so grateful for God’s timing.

So now my leg is continuing to morph into some strange creature (it’s actually pretty amazing how God made our bodies), and I sit in a flat surrounded by boxes while my foot is propped on a pillow. I have a picture, but since I'm off my feet, and Aaron is at church with the kids, I'll have to wait until he gets home to post the picture.


Ann said...

Wow! Well, we definitely know how to be praying for our dear Joanna! Thanks for sharing and keep us posted. (It's so nice to have you back in the cyber world. I've missed you!)

Doug Hibbard said...

Ok, we'll pray for you to recover quickly, and to be the only prize winner for the family!

Meanwhile, we'll pray that your leg returns to its normal status.

Chelley said...

Definitely praying for your recovery and for no one else to catch it. So glad to have you guys back, looks like you hare having a great time!


Shaundra said...

Oh my! Seems like you are in good spirits though. We are praying for a quick recovery. Thanks for stopping by our blog! You will have to come check out the pictures of our new puppy! Love to you all. :)

Vivian Shenk said...

We haven't met, but Joanna's Dad shared this blog site with me some time ago. Each time I've come to read I've been so amazed by the awesome creativity and the amazing talent you display as a Mom and as a servant of our Lord Jesus. You are an inspiration! May God bless you and your endeavors abundantly!