Back in Marulaon

Monday, October 17
Our trip on the Bikoi was fabulous!  The ship hadn't left Honiara for several weeks, so I think maybe everybody made other plans to travel.  The ship was more empty than we had ever seen it!  We had lots of room (for a Solomon Islands' ship) to spread out.  Friends came to help us load everything on the ship and to wave goodbye until they were tiny specks on the end of the wharf - we are so thankful for our SITAG buddies!


Canoes were waiting for us, and we unloaded kids and boxes over the side of the Bikoi and into the hands of friends.  Once on land, lots of smiles greeted us, and we visited with friends for a while before we turned to the task of settling in.  We left quite a bit of food in Marulaon, knowing that our trip to Honiara would be short.  So, unpacking and cleaning has gone really quickly today.  Naomi's extra hands and encouragement have helped us make record time!

Thursday, October 20
The kids started back to school today, with Naomi taking a couple of hours so I can work on learning Lavukaleve.  We have slipped right back into our (anything but) normal life here in beautiful Marulaon.


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