Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hebrews Workshop

Solomon Islands Bible Translation and Literacy Project (SIBTLP) is hosting a workshop covering the book of Hebrews from October 10 through October 21.  These translators have come from all over the Solomon Islands to learn because they are in the process of drafting or revising the book of Hebrews. 

Naomi's family works with the Gela language, and a couple of their translators are here at SITAG for the workshop.  This evening, she was chatting with one them.  He told her that often the teacher asks a question about the text and he can't understand the English Bible well enough to figure out the answer.  So, he just turns to his Gela translation, and the answer immediately becomes clear!


The dB family said...

And that's why translating the Bible into other languages is so important :o)!


Anonymous said...

IT is wonderful to hear that the result of the years of dedicated service to translation the Coombe family is what they hoped for. "Hi" to Naomi and we pray she is feeling better each day.
Love from the Sands', Australia