Thanks for your prayers!

This morning, after lots of long distance phone calls, we finally got our airplane tickets!  It's official - furlough begins May 1st (Lord willing, and the creek don't rise).


Yeah! So glad to see how God moves!
The dB family said…
Hooray for answered prayers!! Here I was thinking furlough was after you came back from your next seven weeks. Oops! So glad you have that all in order though!

Ann said…
Yay! I'm giddy with excitement!
Anonymous said…
While we now more fully understand God's purposes in your family being where you are (it's been such a blessing having this blog as a vehicle to shed light on how God is sing you there), we rejoice that you will have a time of furlough in the U.S! I almost feel selfish writing these words, but I do believe the Lord wants you to be fed and ministered to and encouraged by your family and friends, and it is good for you to be here! Also, for you to share His work through you with Believers here. The selfish part? I can't wait to see you and Aaron and meet those beautiful children!!! :-) I join Ann in the giddiness!!!


Kayla and Jason

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