Friday, October 21

warming_upI woke up feeling rotten with a cold this morning, so I canceled my language learning sessions with Margaret.  We ended up enjoying heavy thunderstorms all day today, so Marulaon was quiet with everybody staying inside.  While our family thinks the cool weather is refreshing, our neighbors are wearing long sleeves, complaining about the cold, and building fires underneath their leaf houses!

Katherine awoke earlier this week and announced she had stuck a green bead in one ear and a pink bead in the other.  While I think that a four-year-old should know better, I'm also reminded that Olivia stuck googly-eyes in her ear when she was four.  The beads are quite deep and big enough that no space exists in the ear canal to help dislodge the bead.  We have tried irrigating, ear candles, coconut oil, sucking out the bead with a straw, and putting a dab of superglue on the end of a q-tip and trying to glue it to the bead to pull it out.  We would appreciate your prayers for our little girl's ears and for our wisdom.

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The dB family said…
Oh no! That's scary! We'll be praying here! Peach once stuck a pea up her nose. When we told her she would have to go to the emergency room to have it removed, she cried so hard that it shot right out! She saved us a trip anyway :o).

Oh no! How did you get the beads out of her ears?

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