Here we go again...

Last night, everybody got in bed early and we decided not to set an alarm.  Turns out it was a good choice, two of our kids stayed in bed for twelve hours, and one of them slept for eleven hours.  My early-bird Katherine slept in until 6 a.m.  God gifted me with a quiet morning to sit in bed and read my Bible while I drank my coffee and watched the sun come up.  The light filtered softly through the two big mango trees behind the house, and the shadows tiptoed on my walls.  What a peaceful way to start a busy day!

I read words by Frances Ridley Havergal this morning, "The connection in Romans 12:1-2 between our sacrifice, which He so graciously calls acceptable to Himself, and our finding out that His will is acceptable to ourselves is very on both sides is at the bottom of the whole transaction and its results." 

So, I'm once again asking the Lord to help me to submit contentedly to His transforming hand as I offer myself as a living sacrifice.  I'm resting in His provision of friends who offer sweet fellowship and good food during our busy day, friends around the world who are praying for us, and the Choate family team who works hard and well together.  Tomorrow, we'll be leaving around 8 a.m. our time/4 p.m. Saturday CST. 


Abi's Blog said…
Praying for you, the Choate Team, as you pick up and move again...Love and prayers,
The dB family said…
Praying that you've arrived safely!

Blessings and hugs!
pkrains said…
Joanna, you're always an inspiration! I love reading your blog and always am blessed by your words. May God strengthen and protect you/your family as you continue to serve Him together. Love you!
The dB family said…
Love and prayers from our family to yours. I guess instead of "singing on the road again",you sing "on the boat again"!


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