He's home!


The dB family said…
You get the BEST pictures!! So thankful Aaron is back safe and sound!

Anonymous said…
This is a great example of how pictures say so much more than words. I love that those kiddos love their daddy so much! And although I know it was a good trip and for great reasons, I'm also very happy for your sakes that he's home safe and sound.

XOXO, Liss
Anonymous said…
I agree with Liss - your pictures say so much more than words - especially the Daddy hug. It reminds me so much of the most wonderful film we saw last night, "Courageous." You and your family must see it while on furlough (If you come for a visit, I will make sure we can rent or buy the DVD, and we could watch it together, perhaps? Or we'll just send it to you). It's a fantastic Kendrick Brothers film with an awesome message about the Dads God calls men to be. Jason and I laughed and cried so much in this film. Your Daddy-Daughter picture personifies the movie (should have been the poster for the film)!



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